About Us

Birim Elektrik Elektronik İnşaat Turizm Ltd. Şti., which has its roots dating back to 1996 and has established itself as a leading figure in its industry for approximately 30 years, has been active in the fields of Energy Transmission and Energy Transmission Line Facilities, GSM, Wind Energy Power Plants (RES), Solar Energy Power Plants (GES), Planning & Projects, and HV- MV Electrical Facilities since its establishment.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be a leading brand in our industry, offering swift, cost-effective, and precise solutions to our customers’ needs and expectations. We strive to deliver these solutions with a zero-error and high-quality service approach.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to continue our operations as a company with a primary principle of honesty in the field of Electrical, Energy, and Communication Technologies. We are dedicated to providing ‘customer-centric solutions, backed by our leadership, superior competitiveness, reliable experience, and technological infrastructure.

Our quality policy

We take pride in successfully serving the electrical sector. While providing our customers with the highest quality service, we are committed to prioritizing the safety of our employees at all times. Therefore, the fundamental principles of our quality and occupational safety policy are as follows:

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We work diligently to understand our customers’ needs and provide the most suitable solutions. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with our quality services and projects.

High Quality Standards
We embrace the highest quality standards in every project. From material selection to craftsmanship, we conduct quality control at every step, delivering reliable and durable solutions to our customers.

Technology and Innovation
We closely monitor developments in the electrical sector and integrate the latest technologies into our projects. We continually enhance our business with innovative solutions, aiming to improve efficiency.

Occupational Safety and Health
We prioritize the safety and health of our employees and subcontractors. We provide continuous training on occupational health and safety and make efforts to provide appropriate equipment.

Risk Analysis and Precautions
We perform risk analysis in our projects and implement preventive measures against potential risks. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of safety in work areas to prevent accidents.

Environmental Awareness
We encourage environmentally friendly practices and strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment. With our sustainability principles, we aim to leave a clean environment for future generations.